Futsal – New Sports Betting Attraction at Bookmaker New88

Futsal is an indoor soccer sport that is being used for betting today and is supported by players. Some new content and outstanding betting forms in this sport are becoming more and more popular. Through the following article, we will accompany New 88 to decode many outstanding issues in 5-a-side football betting.

Find out what Futsal betting is

As we all know, Futsal is an indoor soccer sport with 5 people on the field. Play within 20 minutes each time and there is no downtime, meaning every time the ball stops, the timer will also stop.

In 5-a-side football, there is no limit to substitutions. A player who is booked will have to leave the field for a certain period of time.

Although there are many different regulations compared to 11-a-side football, Futsal is currently also applied to football betting. Accordingly, we can completely bet on 5-a-side football matches, predicting the scores and results of the two teams.

Of course, the betting content also has many similarities and differences compared to outdoor football. Currently, the appeal of this sport is increasingly prominent and loved by fans.

Types of outstanding Futsal betting content today

In Futsal football betting, many outstanding contents are like 11 people. Accordingly, the odds table provided by the house will also have categories such as Over/Under, Asian and European. Accordingly, the gameplay remains the same but the properties may be different. This creates appeal, fun and appeal to fans.

European Odds

In the current form of Futsal football betting, European bets are still considered by fans to be easy to play. In this traditional form we will need to predict the outcome of the match that the two teams create. Accordingly, there are 3 doors 1×2, 1 is the symbol for the home team winning, door 2 is when the away team wins and x is the door for both teams to draw. The house will also provide odds for each door, so when you bet on which team will win, the bonus = capital multiplied by the corresponding odds.

Asian Handicap

In Asian betting, the most popular betting content is the handicap offered by the house. Accordingly, the upper and lower bets correspond to two teams. The side with more chances to win and is stronger will be the upper bet.

Therefore, it is necessary to handicap the underdog team by a certain goal ratio. The size of the handicap depends on the difference in strength between the two teams.

When a handicap is given for the upper team to win, it is necessary to beat the lower team with a goal gap greater than the handicap. Meanwhile, the underdog team needs to not be defeated or lose the match with a goal gap lower than the handicap. Thus, the calculation method for Asian Futsal bets is more complicated than for European bets.

Over/under odds

In the over/under bet offered by the bookmaker, it is necessary to predict the number of goals that the two teams will create. Accordingly, the over/under ratio is provided for players to compare with the actual number of goals.

If two teams score more goals, the over will win, and if the two teams score fewer goals, the under will win. However, the characteristic of Futsal matches is that there are many goals, so the over/under ratio offered by the house is often quite large.

Experience in winning Futsal bets

To play Futsal football betting most effectively, we need experience and tips to play effectively. For many betting experts today, this content is extremely important because if we do not have enough knowledge, it will be very difficult to make a profit from the house.

Analyze and evaluate the capabilities of two teams

Currently, before a 5-a-side football match takes place, we will have to analyze the strength of each team. Evaluate the strength base through form, force as well as confrontation achievements between the two sides. Only by identifying the strength of either side can we ensure the most accurate prediction.
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Monitor betting fluctuations from the bookmaker

Usually bookmakers give odds that a Futsal match will appear within 3-4 days. However, we need to ensure quick information about the house odds. Accordingly, the house will adjust some content to suit reality, players need to ensure quick updates and not miss any details.


Currently, Futsal betting is becoming more and more popular and attractive to many players. Let’s New88 Answer more questions through the following article.

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