The Most Easy-to-Understand Basic Way to Play Chinese Chess for Beginners

How to play chess This is information that many people also learn about to choose to participate. This is one of the games imbued with traditional Asian culture. Learn this genre with Nhà Cái Hi88 for easy entertainment at home.

What kind of game is Chinese chess and how is it designed?

Before learning about how to play chess, you should know briefly about this game. The game genre is steeped in the traditional culture of Asians, especially Vietnamese.

Each move shows the player’s thinking style and strength. You can easily participate in entertainment at home in your spare time or relieve stress.

The chess game requires a maximum of 2 participants, one side holds a white or red flag and the other side holds a black or blue flag. You need to move your piece on the table so that you can capture the opponent’s general or checkmate.

How to play Chinese chess in detail and simple steps

How to play chess It’s not too difficult for new players to learn and get started. Below are the important things you need to know when you want to participate in this genre.


The chessboard is designed in a rectangular shape with 9 vertical lines and 10 horizontal lines intersecting to form right angles. A space in between called the river separates the two opposing sides.

Each side has a nine, also known as a sign, intersecting 4 squares forming the vertical lines 4, 5, 6, t.This box has two diagonal lines drawn through it.

According to the convention when observing from the front, the bottom is the layout of white or red pieces, the top is the layout of black or green pieces. The white or red vertical lines are marked from 1 to 9 from right to left. The black or green vertical lines are marked from 9 to 1 from right to left.

How to arrange

You want to learn about how to play chess Need to know how to arrange the pieces on the table. The model below, participants can refer to to know how to arrange it properly.

Type of troops

The flag consists of 32 pieces divided into 16 white or red pieces and 16 black or green pieces. The writing shown on the pieces is a Chinese symbol. There are differences between the expressions, but the moves and numbers are the same.

  • Each side has 1 general.
  • Each side gets 2 children.
  • Each side also gets two bishops.
  • Each car has 2 cars.
  • Each side gets 2 fireworks.
  • The code also has two children for each participant.
  • Each side gets 5 pawns.

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How to play chess, you need to understand the movement rules of each chess piece. Each piece has different rules on how to move and how to capture the opponent’s flag.

  • Champions are allowed to move horizontally or vertically one square at a time. This pawn is always within the arc and is not allowed to go out.
  • Si is also a pawn that must lie in the same palace as the champion, and can move diagonally 1 space per move.
  • The statue is allowed to move horizontally, vertically, and diagonally in 2 cells. This pawn is only allowed to move within its own range and cannot move into the opponent’s range. Moves do not combine if there are pieces blocking the path.
  • Vehicles are allowed to move horizontally or vertically as long as the destination is not blocked by another unit.

  • How to play chess The rule states that the Knight has an L-shaped move, 2 spaces horizontal and 1 space vertical or 2 spaces vertical and 1 space horizontal. If there are troops blocking Ma’s way, he is still allowed to move normally.
  • Cannons are allowed to move horizontally as well as vertically like vehicles. The difference is that if you want to capture a piece, you need to jump over one.
  • It’s good to go one block at a time, one country at a time. If you don’t cross the river, just go straight ahead. When the pawn crosses the river, it can move across 1 move or go straight forward 1 step.


How to play chess ends in the following specific cases:

  • Checkmate is a case where the opponent captures a champion and you are unable to block it.
  • When the move runs out, it’s the player’s turn but without a valid move, the player loses.
  • How to play chess It is also stipulated that after 120 moves, no piece is captured in the case of a draw.
  • The action prohibits checkmate continuously for 10 times.

  • Capturing a piece is the case of moving to the opponent’s position and capturing the opponent’s checker.
  • Anti-general is a case where the general on the table cannot lie on the same vertical column without any supporting pieces in front.
  • If time runs out before your opponent, you will also lose. Each round is limited to a maximum of 1 minute, and participants who do not play the chess pieces will also be considered losers.

How to play chess A variety of forms bring a high entertainment factor to participants. You should learn more knowledge and experience to easily win this type of chess. Players try participating in the online version to practice their skills daily to help improve their chances of winning compared to their opponents. Through the information Hi88 shares, we hope to bring many useful things to you when participating in this genre.

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