Cockfighting Colors – How to See Colors Accurately for Brothers

Cockfighting colors are a method based on feng shui according to our country’s Eastern culture. That’s why the topic of fighting cocks that can overcome each other is always of interest to many players. The content is mentioned below TRANG CHỦ NEW88 homepage will provide you with detailed information about this test.

Some basic details about cockfighting colors

For those who don’t know, the color of the net is the color of the chicken’s feathers. Based on this factor, you can determine which five elements they are compatible with in defense. Besides, thanks to the folk law of mutual generation and inhibition, it will be the basis to help cockers choose the most outstanding warriors.

Why is watching cockfighting network colors so important?

Determining the color of chicken feathers not only reflects the process of caring for them to become the fiercest warriors, but also helps you avoid birds with high incompatibility. This is also an opportunity for you to avoid unnecessary “bad luck” in a friendly match.

Besides, thanks to the viewing methodcockfighting color, the cockerel will choose birds that are compatible with each other to increase their chances of winning. Therefore, this strategy is very important and definitely should not be overlooked before participating in betting.

What special colors do fighting cocks have?

It can be said that the network color is considered a factor that helps bettors choose the day and time to take their warriors to compete. Based on the five elements, the rotation of the signs will create similarities and inconsistencies. That’s why chicken networks will be divided into 2 main types:

The color of the cockfighting network is compatible

This method is applied based on the rule that metal generates water – water generates wood – wood generates fire – fire generates earth and earth generates metal. Then, you can understand as follows:

  • If a chicken with a metal element fights with a cock with a water element, the water element will have the upper hand.
  • If a water element warrior is looking for wealth with a wood element chicken, then those with the wood element will have an advantage.
  • If a wood element chicken competes with a fire element chicken, the one with the fire element will have the advantage.
  • When chickens with fire element join with warriors with earth element, those with earth element will have a higher probability of winning.
  • When warriors with the earth element compete with those with the metal element, the chicken with the metal element will definitely win.

The color of the cockfighting network corresponds to the five elements

In contrast to mutual generation, mutual incompatibility are warriors whose coat colors are incompatible and are specifically identified as follows:

  • Metal overcomes wood: Gray chickens will be overcome by golden warriors.
  • Wood overcomes earth: Accordingly, brown chickens will be incompatible with gray chickens.
  • Water overcomes fire: The cashew chickens will be hindered by the fire element warrior.
  • Fire overcomes metal: Usually, warriors with the fire element will overcome those with the metal element.
  • Earth overcomes water: If you compare an earth element chicken with a water element warrior, the water element will definitely win.

Summary of how to view cockfighting network colors to help you bet successfully

If you want to choose the most satisfactory statistics for yourself, looking at the network color is extremely important. Below are some good tips that you can pocket:

See the color of the fighting cock’s life based on the 12 zodiac animals

It can be said that the 12 zodiac animals are applied to many different areas of life and watching cockfight colors is no exception. Specifically:

  • Rat day: Symbolizes warriors with brown color and gray hair.
  • Ox day: Usually represents good luck for cashew-colored chickens.
  • Gradually: They are warriors with gray hair.
  • Crown day: This is the symbol for gray chickens.
  • Dragon day: Cashew chickens and gray chickens are unlucky.
  • Snake day: Symbolizes the warriors of the fire destiny.
  • Midday: Gray chicken feather color.
  • Day of the smell: They are warriors with gray fur.
  • Friendship day: The color of the life of unlucky green cashew chickens.
  • Rooster Day: Very suitable to bring green-feathered warriors to compete.
  • Day of the Dog: The color of the chicken’s feathers is five colors.
  • Pig day: Symbolizes lucky green cashew chickens.

It’s great to see the colors of cockfighting according to the season

If we consider the color of life based on seasonal factors, there are similar chicken destiny as follows:

  • In the spring: Gray chickens are considered extremely good and yellow warriors should not go to the fighting arena.
  • In the summer: This time is very suitable to bring cashew chickens to compete and it is best for the terns to stay at home.
  • Autumn: During this time, the color of the tern cockfighting network is extremely good and the gray warrior is not.
  • Winter: This time is very suitable to bring black cocks to compete and they will be compatible with cashew chickens.

Thus, the above content NEW88 has provided you with basic information about cockfighting network colors. Hopefully through the article, the monk can choose for himself a way to identify the fiercest warriors to compete in and bring victory at every betting table.

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