Instructions for downloading the app to watch cockfighting online

Download the New88 application to participate in online cockfighting betting right on your mobile phone. Now, as long as you have a device connected to the Internet, you can easily participate in betting on the New88 bookmaker’s platform. Instructions for downloading the app to watch Cockfighting will be detailed New88011 Share in the article below.

Why should you download the New88 cockfighting app?

Have an official operating certificate

Cockfighting bookmakers are highly appreciated for their reputation and quality through transparent documents about their operations. All transactions are monitored and verified by competent authorities, helping to ensure transparency and openness with players.

Owning a license to operate in the betting industry demonstrates our business commitment. We comply with all legal regulations, creating a safe, trustworthy and legal environment. Therefore, when participating in the experience of watching cockfighting or betting at New88, players will focus on the match without worrying about peripheral issues.

Realistic graphics

Nowadays, requirements for player experience are increasingly high. We are always improving to provide better service. Now, you can enjoy live exciting and dramatic Thomo cockfights with sharp comments at New88!

The interface has been optimized by our team of experts for maximum ease of use. Even new players only need about 30 minutes to get used to the new interface.

Rich promotions and incentives

New88 is famous for always knowing how to satisfy customers by regularly providing attractive promotions and offers. This gives players motivation to regularly log in and experience their service. In particular, a special promotion for new members with 128K given for free to new recruits. This is an exclusive promotion program, only available at New88.live. In addition, there are other incentives such as first deposit incentives, lucky money, and daily loss refund programs…

Secure customer information

At New88, protecting players’ personal information is a top priority. High quality firewall system is strictly installed and maintained to ensure all personal information through 5 layers of protection. This helps players rest assured that important information such as bank account numbers are not leaked.

In addition, New88 also has clear and specific security policies for the Cockfighting viewing app, to increase trust and commitment with customers. These policies will be sent to members after they successfully register for an account. To make sure you don’t miss any policies, please check your notification mailbox regularly!

Diversity of bets

New88 attracts customers with its diversity of bets. Players participating at New88 have the opportunity to experience many types of bets from countries famous for cockfighting such as Cambodia, Philippines, and Vietnam. Here, we offer a variety of betting types, from traditional to modern, giving players many options. For example, you can bet on cock size, fighting position, fight odds, even fight time!
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Enthusiastic support 24/24

At New88, we always treat players fairly and respectfully. All of our members can send questions or concerns through our information channels such as Chatbox, Hotline, Email and popular social networks. We are committed to responding and answering all player questions quickly and thoughtfully.

Instructions for installing the New88 cockfighting application

To determine your phone’s operating system, if you use an Apple product such as an iPhone or iPad, the operating system is iOS. Other devices use the Android operating system.

After successfully downloading the file and suitable for the operating system in use, the player proceeds to grant trusted permission to install on the phone according to the following instructions.

How to install New88 application for iOS

Currently, the New88 application is not available on Apple’s official App Store. Therefore, after downloading, players need to grant trust permission to the application.

For iOS devices, go to Settings → General Settings → Device Management → New88 Application → Application Trust. After completing authorization, open the New88 application to launch and log in to participate in cockfighting betting.

Download the New88 Cockfighting viewing app for Android

On Android phones, you also need to grant similar permissions. However, the installation interface may vary depending on each Android phone brand.

Below, New88 will guide you through the basic steps on Android devices. Open your phone’s Settings and select Security → Unknown apps. Click Allow to complete.

Next, you follow the same installation steps as with iOS devices. After installation is complete, log in to start participating in cockfighting betting on your phone.


Through the information in the article,Bookmaker New88 has detailed instructions on downloading and installing the Cockfighting viewing app on iOS and Android phones. When using the New88 application to bet, you will have a synchronous experience with the main website and can place New88 cockfighting bets anytime, anywhere.

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