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 789BET is a reputable bookmaker with many years of operation in the field of legal betting in the Philippines, dealer 789BET Recognized as the top quality bookmaker in Asia. So what is attractive about this house? Let’s join  789BET Learn about 789BET in today’s article.

Link to the bookmaker 789BET

Currently searching for links Nhà Cái 789BET causing players to encounter many difficulties because most of the access links to this house are blocked.

If you are having difficulty finding the link to enter dealer 789BET, please refer to the backup links

Introducing the house 789BET

789BET is the leading reputable bookmaker in Asia, 789BET Also known by other names as bong88 or Ibet.

Ibet is a large bookmaker system including many members such as: 789BET9,  789BET8, ibet789, 789BET.

Ibet has invested heavily in technology and interface, providing players with a diverse game library. Thanks to these features, Bookmaker Ibet has quickly won the hearts of many players, having a solid position in the market.

 dealer 789BET How is it formed?

Surely players will have more confidence and have a solid basis for choosing this house when they know its history.

Unlike other bookmakers currently on the market, most of which are emerging bookmakers, Ibet is on the list of early bookmakers in the field. betting card game online.

Ibet is not inferior to today’s emerging bookmakers, but on the contrary, with its long-standing advantage, Ibet shows its superiority with improvements in the game store.

To date, Ibet has been rated as dealer Europe’s leading betting website, up to now, Ibet has developed 400 betting websites in Asia alone, this number has also proven the growth of this bookmaker in this region.

Few years ago, 789BET is focusing on investing and developing this playground in Vietnam, with language support and quick, dedicated customer care.

When participating in the betting playground, especially categories soccer betting or gambling, players are always afraid of encountering less reputable bookmakers, because with these categories, if they encounter a bookie that does not keep information confidential, players can easily get into legal problems or lose money unfairly.

However, when participating in betting at 789BET, players are completely assured about this issue, Ibet is a legally operating bookmaker, licensed by the Economic Zone Authority – a reputable betting organization, headquartered in the Philippines.

There is a big advantage in terms of the parent company, so 789BET What games are there? Please move on to the next part of the article to know the most outstanding games at this house.

 789BET What games are offered?

Bookmaker Ibet owns a huge game warehouse, with many categories game Attractive, guaranteed to satisfy the passion of all players.

Typical games that cannot be missed when visiting this playground are:

  • Online sports game
  • Online casino: Poker, Baccarat,…
  • Number Game
  • Keno card game

There are a full range of game categories with its strengths 789BET are still major sports betting games such as football, basketball, tennis, racing,…

Ibet always updates all tournaments from small to large in the world to bring players the best experience. Some outstanding tournaments at 789BET there: Champion League, The league …

 789BET also attractive to players because odds Attractive, with clear and transparent game rules, always ensuring fairness for players.

Besides, match scores are always updated quickly and accurately, making it easy for players to follow.

Of all the games that 789BET is providing to players, you can refer to the two most prominent games: online sports and casino.

Online sports

Online sports betting is considered a core game category 789BET, this is the category that many players are most interested in at this playground.

Ibet always brings players big and small tournaments around the world, with top sports such as basketball, football, tennis, badminton,…

With attractive odds and early betting, players will have extremely entertaining moments with our online sports category. 789BET.


Besides online sports, casino games are also a favorite category for many players at this betting playground.

Some outstanding games of this category include: Sicbo, baccarat, dragon tiger, Roulette,…these are games that are both easy to play and have a high winning rate, which is an opportunity for you to make a profit.

Highlights of the house 789BET It also comes from designing quite realistic tables, looking like the top major casinos in the world, making players feel excited when betting here.

In addition to designing a lively betting table, 789BET also offers many different betting levels, allowing players to place different amounts of money depending on each person’s financial condition.

Besides the two big categories that many players are interested in, reputable bookmaker 789BET also provides you with many Mini games, if you want to participate in lottery games, fish shooting,… you can still find them at this house.

See: Casino 789BET

Outstanding advantages of the house 789BET

If you have concerns about bookmaker Ibet, immediately refer to the advantages of this bookmaker in the section below!

Attractive and outstanding interface

 789BET is considered a bookmaker with quality service, bringing satisfaction to players right from the moment they enter the website interface.

Bookmaker Ibet has a friendly, easy-to-understand interface design, helping players easily access, register an account and search for their favorite betting categories.

Ibet perfectly coordinates images, colors and layouts, creating a harmonious, quality website interface, serving players optimally.

Accompanying that is the development of the website on mobile platforms, giving players a great, smooth experience anytime, anywhere.

Provide diverse experiences

Currently, this house is providing players with game experience interface on 3 main devices, which are:

PC: With the game interface on the computer, players can feel the simplicity and gentleness, with the main color tone being blue and white, bringing a feeling of relaxation and soothing to the eyes.

Mobile: The mobile version is also invested in in great detail by Ibet because the phone screen does not have the size advantage of a PC. Ibet always tries to build game categories with the simplest and most understandable interface for the phone version, game images are always clear, game loading speed is smooth and stable.

App: With the betting game version on the app, players can download the Ibet app for Android and IOS operating systems. With this version, players will have an optimized gaming experience.

Customer care policy of 789BET

Ibet Always considered a bookmaker with thoughtful customer care, Ibet always maintains 24/7 customer care, so it can ensure timely support when players encounter difficulties while participating. Betting.

Thanks to quick and timely customer care, Ibet always gives players a great experience, with very few interruptions.

Questions related to bookmakers 789BET

You are planning to participate in betting at Bookmaker Ibet But there are still some questions related to this house, please join us to answer them right away!

 789BET What betting services are there?

You wonder what outstanding betting services this bookmaker Ibet has, the answer is: online sports.

Online sports betting game category of 789BET offers a huge number of bets, updates hundreds of big matches daily of large-scale tournaments, giving players diverse choices.

Besides, Ibet also gives players the opportunity to be proactive in choosing the betting level to participate in sports betting, this is the great advantage of this playground.

Besides the online sports betting category, the casino betting service is also the house’s advantage 789BET.

789BET Combining all the top favorite casino games, the casino system is always lively and authentically designed, bringing a sense of satisfaction to players.

 789BET Are there promotions for players?

 789BET Are there promotions for players? The answer is definitely yes.

For new members, when depositing for the first time, 100% of the deposit will be added to the betting account.

Members participating in betting in all areas will be supported with a refund of up to 0.76% of bets, this is considered a preferential policy for players.

Besides 789BET Also regularly updates promotions, weekly and monthly whenever new sporting events are held.

Deposit and withdraw money at 789BET is it fast?

Bookmaker ibet gives players peace of mind thanks to the ability to protect the money they spend.

You can conduct transactions at ATMs, Internet Banking, or directly at the bank.

Transaction time at ibet is considered to be at an average level. This house supports many domestic banks in Vietnam, helping players have safe and smooth transactions.


 dealer 789BET with a diverse game store and attentive customer care regime has become reputable bookmaker of most players in the online betting market. However, because of this popularity, the links are now accessible 789BET Most of them are blocked, causing players many difficulties and not being able to meet online betting needs quickly.

To avoid wasting time waiting and searching for a link to this playground, players can switch to the playground  789BET,  789BET is considered a reputable bookmaker, currently attracting a large number of players, with easily accessible links. You will experience especially attractive betting games here without any hindrance. Hope you have a great experience at these two playgrounds

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