Poker Deck: Collection of the Most Detailed Hands in the Game

Poker deck is something that bettors often learn first before playing the game, especially rookies. Through special hands, you will easily understand the rules of the game and come up with the most appropriate participation strategy. To get information about standard and detailed decks of cards, please see the article below nhà cái jun88 right.

Collection of Poker card decks

The deck of cards in the game Poker is a collection of cards arranged according to different values. If you are just getting acquainted with the game for the first time, don’t forget to refer to the order of hands below.

Lord’s Hall

The first set of Poker cards that need to be mentioned is the king’s hall, also known as the king’s hall. This is a hand consisting of 5 cards combined together: 10, J, Q, K and Ace. In particular, these pieces all have the same suit of diamonds, hearts, spades or clubs. If in a bet both people own the same queen, the winnings will be divided equally.

Hall break box

Next to the king in the Poker game is the player who clears the hall. This is a combination of a series of 5 cards of the same suit and consecutive value. For example, 5 cards 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 of hearts. If there are 2 flush boxes in a bet, the side with the higher value will win.

Four quarters

The four-of-a-kind Poker deck must be familiar to game players. Four of a kind in the game consists of 4 cards of identical value. When in a bet there are 2 four of a kind appearing, the side with the higher face value of the pieces wins.

With him

Cu flood is a set of 3 identical pieces and 1 pair. For example, a hand consisting of 3 Jacks and a pair of 8s will be called a full house.

Poker Box

It means 5 plants of the same suit but it is not necessary that they be consecutive between leaves. If there are 2 Poker boxes, the side with the higher value cards wins.

Poker Hall

Poker hall is a hand consisting of cards arranged consecutively and of different suits. This Poker deck will have a lower value than the case.


Grey will carry the following value. A gray Poker deck means 3 identical cards and 2 different cards. If the bet has 2 grays, the set with 3 cards of higher value will be considered the winner.

Two pairs

Two pairs in the Poker game Includes 2 pairs and 1 odd tree. To determine win or loss, the side with the higher value pair will win. If the two pairs are the same, the value of the remaining pieces will be compared.

A pair

A pair of Poker cards will consider the combination of two cards of the same value. Of the 5 cards, the remaining 3 cards will play a role in helping the player consider the large or small value in case of having the same pair. Whoever carries the higher value tree is the winner.

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Mau bid

Mau bidInclude odd pieces that do not form any links. This is the Poker deck with the lowest value in the game.

Once you have grasped the above sets, you will arrange them in order from smallest to largest as: Mau Bi < One pair < ​​two pairs < Gray < Hall < Barrel < Cu flood < Four precious < Barrel breaking the hall < Lord hall.

Why should you know about the decks of cards in the Poker game?

Memorizing Poker decks doesn’t have to be difficult. However, this job also requires you to practice regularly to get used to it and remember it best. Understanding the value of the ministries will bring many outstanding benefits such as:

Helps you better understand the rules of Poker

Understanding the rules of the game is extremely important and largely determines your victory in the game. When you know about the Poker card decks, it also means you have a better understanding of the rules of the game so that you can have the most appropriate way to bet money.

Offer many correct playing strategies

For each card you have in your hand, you need to have different strategies to help create the strongest Poker game deck. Understanding the above values ​​and order will help you easily combine the trees together to create straights, quartets, grays, doubles… as desired. From here, you can also form the most correct strategies to help increase your chances of winning.

Helps make a lot of money when playing games

For those who clearly understand the rules of the game and have reasonable betting strategies, they will definitely have a higher probability of winning. This contributes to bringing you the opportunity to make money in your pocket. Many people have been able to get rich from the game when they have the most detailed decks of cards in their hands.

Information about the Poker deck was Jun88 given above. If you want to understand more about these hands, don’t forget to visit the betting page and try the game today.

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