Revealing How to Play Blackjack from A to Z for Newbies

Playing blackjack online is popular with many bettors and participates regularly. This game with its new and creative gameplay will definitely surprise you when you participate. Please follow the sharing from bookmaker New88 Đăng Nhập to understand the most accurate rules of the game.

Summary of basic blackjack rules to remember

Known as one of the most classic card games, blackjack or Blackjack often has a large number of bettors. Therefore, to win this betting game requires new players to know and understand the following main principles:

Online Blackjack Rules

Similar to many other card games, Blackjack also uses a deck of 52 cards. When entering the game, the dealer will give each person two random cards and the player has the right to draw additional cards. The bettor needs to have a strategy so that the final total score of the pieces in hand is 21 or closest to 21. Players who comply with this rule will receive a bonus from the house.

Number of blackjack players

Normally, when playing blackjack online, there will be 2 to 4 participants. The table owner in each game will be considered the dealer and bet later. All remaining players will have to bet any amount of money before entering the official game. Next, the dealer will place a minimum bet equal to the total amount of bets previously placed by the dealer.

Calculate points when playing blackjack

Based on the score of the two betting cards held in hand, you will decide whether to draw more or not. The way to calculate the score of each card in online Blackjack is as follows:

  • Cards from 2 to 10 have points each corresponding to the ordinal number (card 2 = 2 points, card 5 5 points…)
  • The pieces J, Q, K are equivalent to 10 points/card.
  • Aces are calculated as 1 point / 10 points / 11 points depending on the rules of each house.

Basic terms in Blackjack

During the process of playing blackjack, there will also be a number of terms that often appear, including:

  • Non: The total score of the pieces in the player’s hand is lower than 16 points.
  • Enough: The total score of the pieces in the player’s hand ranges from 16 to 21 points.
  • Over (Quac): The total score of the pieces in the player’s hand is more than 21 points.
  • Ngu Linh: Have 5 pieces in hand but the score is still lower than 21 (absolute win).

Standard steps to play blackjack

In each Blackjack game there will be two basic playing steps. At the end of these two steps, bettors can determine who is the winner and have the opportunity to receive blackjack bonuses, specifically:

Step 1: Calculate the total score of the 2 cards divided

When playing blackjack, the player will add the total score of 2 cards randomly divided by the dealer to get a result that is a one-digit or two-digit number depending on the value of the cards. However, there will be two special cases when adding up the points of 2 cards divided by the dealer as follows:

  • In case of poker, there are 2 Ace cards of any suit.
  • In case of blackjack, there is any Ace card plus one 10 / J / Q / K card of any suit.

The lucky bettor falling into one of the two cases mentioned above will be considered a clear win without needing to continue play blackjack. On the other hand, if this advantage does not belong to the player, the house will also be considered to win all the houses. There are also cases where the player’s 2 betting cards receive more than the 21 mark. At this time, the player will not have the right to continue drawing cards in the next step.

Step 2: Draw more random cards

If playing blackjack in step 1, both the dealer and the dealer do not win, you will move on to the next step – drawing more cards. Starting from the dealer’s right, the person on the dealer’s right will be the first to draw and each subsequent person will pick up more cards in turn to complete a round.

Taking more must ensure each player has a score between 16 and 21 points. If the dealer checks and discovers that a player does not reach this score after drawing, that player’s bet will immediately be considered a loss.

Revealing the experience of playing blackjack online from experts

In the process of playing NEW88 blackjack, new players need to grasp some of the following tips:

  • When the 2 cards in hand have 18 points or more, you should not draw more cards.
  • When you see an opponent who has drawn 5 times in a row, it is likely that he has the five spirits and should compare cards early.
  • Regularly analyze the results of previous blackjack games to find patterns and have appropriate strategies.


So this article has answered from A to Z how to play blackjack for NEW88 beginners. Wishing you successful participation and conquering the highest Blackjack prize money. There are many other high-class card games continuously introduced on the NEW88 homepage, don’t miss them!

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