Instructions for receiving Code New88 free of charge

If you have registered as a member at the game portal New88 you will receive a code Code  New88 The first is an account worth up to 10 million VND. This is a great deal that helps the house’s customers get their first capital to start a business. That’s why you should quickly become a gamer of the house right away. Together 789bet Find out in the article blog game down here!

Introducing the game portal New88 Currently

Nhà Cái New88 has been tested by the publisher on all platforms since November 2020. When you register, you will receive a lot of Code  New88 extremely attractive. With a huge investment from the most reputable investor in the card exchange game today, the amount of money players receive creates a capital for you to participate in fierce competition events.

Although it is a game portal released later, when the market already has many competitors participating in the process of attracting gamers, because of the huge investment from the world’s leading game publisher, it has created create huge differences, helping gamers experience the best features.

Breakthroughs of New88 It has never stopped, but it is increasingly disrupting the market, helping the number of game fans increase day by day, helping the house to break through and shine in the reward game sky. One of the outstanding advantages of the house is the codes New88 extremely quality.

Review of the game portal New88

Most players after experiencing the game and receive the code New88 Everyone feels extremely satisfied with every aspect of the game portal. With the grand launch, it created the most impressive start. Outstanding advantage features of the house New88 You can experience things like game interface and code New88, attractive prize exchange card game value.

The house’s interface is carefully invested, right after accessing the homepage you will see an extremely soothing blue color. The game’s images are extremely sharp and vivid. Combined with modern music suitable for the attractive Casino environment, it will create an extremely realistic feeling.

The house’s security system New88 Also invested methodically with three layers of passwords. This is an outstanding advantage that is enjoyed by the vast majority of players New88 highly appreciated when choosing to experience at the house. This helps players trust and use this game technology every day, every hour.

The series of gift giving events is one of the things that players look forward to. Codes Codes New88 continuously updated. Please follow our fanpage New88 so as not to miss any attractive rewards. Come to New88 You will have many opportunities to change your life and get rich, making yourself proud of your friends and relatives.

It is a comprehensive bookmaker portal with a high level of entertainment, suitable for many people of many different ages. However there is a downside New88 The main problem is that the game loads slowly. But gradually New88 is trying to perfect and overcome this drawback so that players can experience smooth playing moments, without jerks and lags,…

Programs to receive Code codes New88

Game portal New88 is gradually expanding its scale and quality. The betting and winning rates of the card game with rewards are extremely high, the pot exploding rate is up to 50 million VND. At the same time combine with codes New88 Every day, every week helps players get rich as quickly as possible.

Codes New88 for Novices

New players are the first target that the publisher targets to attract new players. As said at the beginning, code New88 The first thing new players receive right after successfully registering an account is a reward of 5 million VND.

Besides, you will get the Code codes New88 similar to BCB1, BCB2, BCB3, BCB4, BCB5,… corresponding to values ​​from 100,000 Ben, 200,000 Ben, 500,000 Ben, 1,000,000 Ben and 2,000,000 Ben. In addition, if you register and link your bank account or e-wallet, you will receive huge incentives.

Code receiving events for loyal customers

For players who have used the gaming experience at the house New88, the publisher also always wants to help players get attractive incentives, retaining customers is the top priority that every bookmaker needs to do.

Promotional programs you can receive every day and every week such as: V.I.P incentives for customers linked to Momo e-wallet up to 120% of the top-up card value, X2 for the first Ben top-up, X6 Event Taking place every day, Super Tank is still going on with gifts up to 700M,… and many other extremely attractive offers.

Instructions on how to receive the Code New88

Game portal New88 Regularly organize attractive events to express gratitude to all of the house’s fellow gamers. Kong not only has many gifts and rewards but is also extremely fun and entertaining. Just join and immediately receive the code. To receive the code, you can follow these steps:

  • Step 1:Download and register your account New88
  • Step 2: Verify information and phone number at Telegram
  • Step 3: Fill in the information and character name and click the button to finish. Receive the code below for the system to process and send the code to your mailbox

The Code receiving system will only send the code when you have completed the above steps. Good luck. Uh

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Play card games with prizes at the game house New88

Integrating multiple genres, equipped with a variety of game titles to serve all gamers’ needs. Especially for card games with prizes, the betting odds of New88 extremely high. Depending on each person’s personal needs, thinking ability, memory ability and financial ability, you can consider choosing games at the house.

If you are someone who wants to earn a high income and you have the ability to think, you can choose Tien Len Mien Nam or Poker, and if you are someone who loves simplicity and speed, you can choose other games. such as Blackjack, Lieng cards, Phom cards, Mini Poker, Mau Binh,… the card payout rate is within 60 seconds.

Besides, slot card games or mini games from God of Thunder, Amazon, Vikings, Kingdom of Ben, Ice Age, Fish Shooting, Sic Bo, Sic Bo, Crab Gourd, Diamond, Dragon Tiger, Galaxy,… are all popular. which develops and focuses on attracting new players. All investments in the quality of each game are unique to help you not get bored and fully enjoy the game.


Dealer New88 is one of the most prominent growing bookmakers today. Once you have created the code New88 for players to receive incentives to attract and maintain game experience. Once again, if you are looking for a reputable bookmaker to play card games with rewards, you can consider choosing New88. Grab your phone and immediately download the application on all supported platforms such as IOS, Android,… to immediately receive attractive offers.

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