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ZTT: Reliable Manufacturer of Low Voltage Power Cables

ZTT is a trusted fiber optic cable manufacturer and supplier, specializing in low voltage (LV) power cables. With a yearly output of approximately 50,000 kilometers, ZTT has established itself as a professional company capable of meeting diverse customer requirements while ensuring quick delivery times.

Construction and Specifications

The LV power cables, designed for voltages below 3kV, feature a construction that includes a conductor (copper or aluminum) with a maximum cross-section of 1000mm2. The conductor is insulated with cross-linked polyethylene (90℃) and shielded with metallic screen (such as metallic tapes or wires). Additionally, the cables can be armored with metal tape/wires and covered with extruded PVC (ST2), PE (ST7), or halogen-free (ST8) sheath to provide effective anti-corrosion protection.

International Standards and Customization

ZTT’s LV power cables comply with international standards such as the IEC series (e.g., IEC 60502-1, IEC 60228) and can be manufactured according to specific customer requirements, including standards like ICEA, AS, BS, DIN/VDE, among others. ZTT also has the capability to produce XLPE insulated cables with special features like waterproofing, termite protection, rat proofing, and river crossing capabilities.

Complete Industrial Chain and Quality Assurance

With a complete industrial chain encompassing continuous casting and rolling of copper/aluminum rods, copper tape production, and LV power cable manufacturing, ZTT maintains control over the entire production process. This allows for design and customization according to client project requirements and international standards. ZTT follows modern management practices to ensure competitive pricing and has obtained certifications such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 18001, reflecting its commitment to quality assurance.


ZTT stands as a reliable manufacturer and supplier of LV power cables, delivering high-quality products that meet international standards and cater to customer-specific requirements. With a complete industrial chain, ZTT ensures control over the production process from raw materials to the final cable product. With its expertise in cable design, customization, and adherence to stringent quality management, ZTT is the trusted choice for low voltage power cables.

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