Why Thermal Protection of Transformers is Needed?

On occasion, stray currents or voltage surges can cause a transformer to overheat and might even cause the unit to catch fire. Thermal protection is needed to prevent overheating through the insulation of the transformer windings and oil cooling which will not allow the transformer to exceed safe operating temperatures and maintain it in a cool condition.

Why the transformer needs to install thermal protectors?

Thermal protection of transformers is necessary to prevent overheating and fires. We must first analyze the specific problems that cause the heating of the transformer coil:

  1. No-load heating is caused by broken insulation of the transformer or excessive input voltage of the transformer.
  2. The load is too heavy.
  3. The rectifier tube, capacitor, etc. are short-circuited, and the current becomes larger.
  4. Transformer equivalent aging
  5. Transformer insulation aging

These problems will cause abnormal heating of the transformer coil, which may burn out the product or cause a fire. Thermal protectors are designed to trip when the transformer temperature reaches a predetermined level, thus interrupting the flow of electricity and preventing further heating.

Saftty Thermal Protector

Transformers need thermal protection to prevent the transformer from overloading and catching fire. The Saftty thermal protector is a device that is placed in the transformer that will shut off the power to the transformer if the temperature gets too high. This will prevent the transformer from overheating and catching fire.


The thermal protector is an overheating protection component and plays a key role in the overheating protection of the transformer coil.

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