Live Xoc Dia – Betting Subject That Attracts Players

Shock the disc directly is one of the extremely popular folk games in Vietnam. This game has extremely simple gameplay but is attractive and thrilling. Once you understand how to play, winning is no longer difficult. The following article will reveal to you extremely effective tips.

Learn the most general about live disc jockeys

A general introduction to disc jockey

Shock the disc directly inherently a game that depends on luck. Players will bet on one of six symbols on the disc including: gourd, crab, shrimp, fish, deer, and chicken. The symbols will be attached to a bowl with a lid, with three small marbles inside. Then the disc jockey will shake the bowl vigorously to find out the result.

The player will win if the marble falling on the disc also matches the symbol you bet on. You will receive more bonuses if more than one marble lands on the same symbol.

Basic rules of live coin toss

The following are the general rules of the subject Live disc jockey:

  • You can freely bet on one or more symbols on the disc, this depends on your preferences and strategy.
  • You can bet with different amounts of money depending on your budget and level of recklessness.
  • The disc jockey is responsible for shaking the bowl vigorously, then opening the lid to check the results.
  • You will win and receive money according to the payout ratio if the symbol the player has bet on appears on the disc.

You will get more money if more than one marble lands on the same symbol. For example, in the gourd symbol, you bet 1000 dong, but two marbles fall into the gourd. So the amount you bet is 2000 VND. Similarly, you will receive 3000 VND if three marbles fall into the pot.

In case the symbol you bet on does not have any marbles falling on it, you will lose and lose your bet. If the three marbles fall on the same symbol but not the symbol you bet on, you will lose and lose money.

Some ways to shock discs directly bring high efficiency

Summary of some effective ways to play coin toss

Although the game still emphasizes luckBut Applying effective betting strategies can also increase your chances of winning and minimize risks. The following are popular ways to play that bookmakers Nhà Cái Jun88 Have synthesized.

Play according to the demand

This way of playing will depend on observing the results of previous disc tossing times. Then proceed to bet on the symbol that appears the most. The principle of this activity is “following the momentum”, meaning that symbols that appear often will have a high chance of appearing next time.

The advantage of this way of playing is in Live disc jockey is extremely simple and easy to apply. However, it has the disadvantage of being uncertain and subject to reversal. You will lose and lose your bet if you bet on gourd, but the result is crab.

Play by network

For this way will based on fixed betting rules when playing Live disc jockey. At the same time, based on the results of the previous coin toss, change the bet level. The principle of this way of betting is “adjustment”, you can compensate for previous losses or wins by increasing or decreasing the bet amount.

Play according to the system

The way to bet according to the system applies mathematical formulas, betting on multiple symbols at the same time helps increase the chance of winning. Players will divide their bet into small parts and then bet on many different symbols. This will use winning symbols to compensate for losing symbols.

Collection of extremely effective tips when playing live coin toss

Pocket tips for playing coin toss to win easily

Players need to pocket the secrets of playing Live disc jockey to increase your chances of winning.

Know how to manage time and capital

Proper budget and time management is one of themSecrets that should not be overlooked when playing Live disc jockey. You should determine in advance the amount of bet you can afford. At the same time, you also need to play for a reasonable amount of time.

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Choose a reputable address

Choosing a reputable and quality house also plays an extremely important role. You can refer to the playground Jun88, always ensuring fairness and transparency. Absolutely consider avoiding bookies that are fraudulent, fraudulent, or operate illegally without an operating license.

Get the experiences

You canLearn from playing experience Live disc jockey from other players. Through articles, videos, or podcasts on platforms, forums, etc.

Above are some tips for playing Live disc jockey at the bookmakerJun88. Hopefully this information will help you have interesting experiences and win big.

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