Involved In A Hit-And-Run Accident? Just Remember The Tips

In every accident, the driver must stop their car and contact the police to report the crash. Sadly, dozens of individuals step on the gas every month and run. Victims of injuries are rightfully incensed. In addition to violating the law, the driver abandoned you to call an ambulance and get help. That behavior is inappropriate. To know more information, visit Las Vegas legal blog

Involved in a hit-and-run accident? Just remember the tips

The police can find the motorist that hit you and will notify the public to stay on alert for the driver. You can help the police by writing down essential details about the vehicle, such as:

  • Color 
  • Model
  • Provide unique features such as bumper stickers or a missing side mirror.
  • The escape route of the car.

If you were fortunate to get a clear view of the driver, you might also include information on the driver’s gender, hair color, race, age, and any additional relevant details (such as spectacles).

1. Make a police call 

You should still call the Highway Patrol or the police department in Las Vegas to report an accident. Inform them you were a hit-and-run victim and provide everything you know about the driver.

It is important to report the accident. If you do not, your insurance company might assume that you smashed your car alone, maybe because you were sleeping off or texting while driving. You want to provide as much evidence as possible that an accident occurred and that someone else was at fault.

2. Speak with witnesses

Fortunately, someone else noticed the hit-and-run. They might share their perspective of the collision as an eyewitness. Please communicate to witnesses if you are able to move around. In the case that your lawyer needs to get in touch with them, ask them for their name and phone number.

You wish for the witnesses not to leave before the responding officer arrives so that he can talk to them.

3. Obtain medical attention

Your medical records attest to your role in a major accident. Tell the doctor what happened when you reached the emergency department. Also, mention what feelings you are experiencing as well as where it is. The doctor can prescribe appropriate tests to make a diagnosis.

4. Never fix your car right away

Your car contains crucial information about the car that hit you. Marks of paint might reveal the car’s color. The place and the dents’ size can help determine the kind of car that struck you and how fast it was.

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