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Empowering Complex PCI Procedures: APT Medical’s Expressman™ Guiding Extension Catheter

The Expressman™ Guiding Extension Catheter by APT Medical is a groundbreaking medical device designed to optimize support, delivery, and safety during complex percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) procedures. With its stainless steel braided layer, 35cm rapid exchange segment, unique sidehole design, and soft radiopaque tip, the Expressman™ guiding extension catheter provides medical professionals an advanced tool for tackling challenging lesions in tortuous anatomy.

35cm Rapid Exchange Section for Enhanced Delivery

Equipped with a 35cm rapid exchange section, the Expressman™ GEC facilitates efficient stent delivery across long lesions. This extended length reduces resistance during delivery, allowing medical professionals to navigate through challenging anatomical structures with ease. Additionally, the guiding extension catheter’s hydrophilic coating reduces resistance when advancing through tortuous anatomy, further enhancing procedural efficiency and minimizing the risk of complications.

Metal Mesh Braided Layer for Superior Deliverability

The Expressman™ Catheter’s metal mesh braided layer offers excellent deliverability and pushability, ensuring optimal performance during complex PCI procedures. This advanced construction enables medical professionals to navigate tortuous anatomy, providing the exceptional support and control to reach challenging lesions. The guiding extension catheter’s superior deliverability enhances procedural efficiency and improves patient outcomes in complex PCI practice.

Soft Radiopaque Tip for Enhanced Safety

With a soft radiopaque tip made of soft Pebax material, the Expressman™ Catheter prioritizes patient safety during interventions. The unbraided tip design ensures smooth delivery and reduces the risk of vessel trauma, enhancing patient comfort and minimizing the potential for complications. The radiopaque marker of the tip facilitates accurate visualization during procedures.


APT Medical’s Expressman™ Guiding Extension Catheter significantly advances complex PCI practice. With its unique side holes design, true one-piece construction, 35cm rapid exchange section, metal mesh braided layer, and soft radiopaque tip, this guiding extension catheter provides medical professionals with an advanced tool for enhanced support, delivery, and safety during complex PCI procedures. By incorporating the Expressman™ Catheter into their practice, APT Medical empowers medical professionals to confidently tackle challenging lesions in tortuous anatomy, ultimately leading to improved patient outcomes in interventional cardiology.

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