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Beware of social media experts Some things never really change

Beware of these so-called social media experts; they are simply sprouting up out of nowhere. Everyone and anyone claiming to be a social media expert these days. They all can talk the talk but not many of them can walk the walk. Simply having the knowledge about how to tweet doesn’t make anyone an authority on this subject.

If any of these so-called experts can manage to show that they have had years of productivity, have a good reputation, come with good and genuine references, and have managed to produce results that can be quantified. Only such a person can be genuinely called as an expert. So, you needn’t worry and you don’t need a social media expert, as long as you know what you are doing and how to do it you will be fine. Be wary of anyone who claims to be a social media expert.

The world of marketing has had a complete makeover; the way it is being approached and looked at has also changed. But there are some things that never really change even after the advent of all the technology. The good ol’ rules relating to communication, public relations, and marketing still hold good. These old-fashioned rules can be thought of as the basic ethics and they will never go out of fashion.

It is crucial to know about the dynamics of your target audience, the value that your organization can add to their lives and also your ability to develop and offer such products and services that can satisfy their needs and wants are the areas that you really need to concentrate on. And this information can prove to be very valuable for your marketing campaign. So, do not stray away from these concepts just because you have opted for social media marketing

Social media marketing isn’t restricted to just Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter

Yes, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are really popular social media sites but these aren’t the only social networking platforms. In fact, they just form a tiny fragment of the social media ecosystem. Web forums, email lists, podcasts, social bookmarking sites, different video, and photo sharing services, and niche online communities all form a part of the world of social media.

You need to keep in mind that you haven’t restricted your campaign to just one platform. You will need to make an effort and understand the different platforms that your customers are making use of and start getting involved on those platforms to attract more customers.

It’s all about creating and maintaining relationships

At the end of the day, marketing is all about creating and building relationships. And social media provides you with all the necessary tools and likely platforms for you to get this job done. But this does not mean that you should ignore the basics things such as one on one personal communication, because this helps in building a good rapport with your customers. You can’t build a relationship overnight, it takes a while. It is not just about the technology that we make use of; it’s about the human beings.

Don’t get carried away

Social media is a powerful tool, but you need to realize that it can help you do a lot of things but not everything. Considerable time and effort should be dedicated towards developing a marketing strategy that would actually work. You will always have to do your bit if you want to achieve your goals. Social media marketing will work only if you have a good marketing strategy. So, put some effort into it

Last word

You cannot completely ignore the traditional methods of marketing and should develop a marketing campaign that would strategically involve both the new and the old methods. You should give equal importance to all the other elements as well, instead of just solely depending upon social media.

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