An Overview of The Optical Lens From YTOT

YTOT (Dongguan Yutong Optical Technology Co., Ltd.) is a leading lens manufacturer. For years, the business has gained a considerable experience in this field.

An Overview of the Optical Lens

An optical lens is a device that focuses or diverts light. Optical lenses can be found in various applications, including photography and video production. In photography, optical lenses are used to magnify the image of an object onto a camera sensor. In video production, optical lenses are used to resize or manipulate the image on a camera screen.

Optical lenses are made from diverse materials, including glass and plastic. The shape and size of an optical lens depend on its intended use. The most common optical lenses are wide-angle lenses, telephoto lenses, and macro lenses.

Features of the Optical Lens

A lens is a transparent or translucent physical object that focuses or reflects light. Lenses are used in optical systems to focus light and form an image. Not only they are used in cameras as well as televisions, but also are they applied in the field related to surveillance, smart home, industry and automobile etc. The basic structure of a lens is a pair of curved surfaces that converge to form an image point. Lenses can be made from many materials, including plastic, glass, metal, and carbon fiber.

Lenses are designed to work with specific types of images. For example, a lens designed to make wide-angle images will have a large aperture (opening) and primarily be composed of plastic or other lightweight material. A lens designed to make close-up images will have a small aperture and will be primarily composed of glass or metal.

Lenses can also be polarization sensitive. This means they can change their shape depending on the direction of the electric fields associated with light waves traveling through them.

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