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Unmatched Dependability and Efficiency: The Polestar E Series Commercial Heat Pumps from Shenling

Shenling‘s Polestar E Series Commercial Heat Pump is the epitome of efficiency and reliability. Designed to excel in demanding commercial applications, this air source heat pump commercial delivers high performance even in extreme conditions. With its space-saving design and intelligent control system, it provides energy savings and optimal functionality, making it an ideal choice for commercial settings.

High Performance in Extreme Conditions: -26℃ Low Ambient Temp. and 55℃ Outlet Water Temp.

Shenling’s Polestar E Series Commercial Heat Pump is engineered to operate flawlessly in extreme conditions. With the capability to withstand a low ambient temperature of -26℃, it ensures reliable heating performance even in harsh winter climates. Additionally, it can provide hot water with an outlet temperature of 55℃, catering to the specific needs of commercial applications that require high-temperature water supply.

Space-Saving Design: Small Floor Space and Modular Combination

The Polestar E Series Air Source Heat Pump Commercial stands out for its space-saving design. With a small footprint, it optimizes floor space utilization, making it suitable for various commercial environments where space is limited. Furthermore, its modular combination feature allows for flexible installation configurations, adapting to specific requirements and maximizing efficiency.

Intelligent Control for Energy Savings: AI Learning and Multistage Operation Regulation

Shenling’s Polestar E Series Air Source Heat Pump Commercial  incorporates intelligent control technology for energy savings. With AI learning capabilities, it achieves graded startup, reducing the startup current and minimizing the impact on the power grid. The system also identifies the compressor and unit with the best performance during each startup, optimizing efficiency and prolonging the service life of the air source heat pump commercial. Additionally, the multistage operation regulation feature enables precise output control in partial load conditions, effectively reducing energy consumption and enhancing overall energy efficiency.


Shenling’s Polestar E Series Commercial Heat Pump combines efficiency and reliability to meet the demands of commercial applications. With high performance in extreme conditions, a space-saving design, and intelligent control for energy savings, it provides an optimal solution for commercial heating and hot water needs. Choose Shenling’s Polestar E Series Commercial Heat Pump for superior performance and peace of mind.

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