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Unlocking Seamless Shipping with Austway

Navigating the complexities of Amazon FBA logistics can be challenging, but with Austway, it becomes remarkably simple. Specializing in Amazon FBA freight forwarding, Austway has established itself as a reliable partner for sellers aiming to streamline their supply chain between China and Australia. With extensive coverage and an in-depth understanding of Amazon’s requirements, Austway ensures that your products reach their destinations on time and in perfect condition.

Expertise in Amazon FBA Freight Forwarding

Austway’s expertise in Amazon FBA freight forwarding is unparalleled. As a part of Amazon’s Solution Provider Network (SPN), Austway has developed a comprehensive system tailored to meet the specific needs of Amazon FBA sellers. Their in-house teams possess a thorough understanding of Amazon’s guidelines and standards, ensuring that every shipment is handled with precision and care.

With over 30 routes connecting China and Australia, Austway covers major cities like Shenzhen, Yiwu, Guangzhou, Xiamen, Hong Kong, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, and Auckland. This extensive network allows Austway to provide consistent, reliable service to sellers looking to expand their reach in the Australian market.

Comprehensive Shipping Solutions

Austway’s commitment to providing exceptional Amazon FBA freight forwarding services is evident in their comprehensive shipping solutions. They offer bonded warehousing, which not only ensures the security of your products but also facilitates smooth transitions through customs. This service is particularly beneficial for sellers who need to store their goods before final delivery to Amazon FBA centers.

Their rich experience in the industry allows Austway to handle various challenges that may arise during the shipping process. Whether it’s navigating complex customs regulations or managing logistics for high-volume shipments, Austway’s team is equipped to handle it all, ensuring that your products are delivered on time, every time.


Choosing Austway as your Amazon FBA freight forwarder means choosing reliability, expertise, and seamless service. Their extensive network and in-depth knowledge of Amazon’s FBA requirements make them a top choice for sellers looking to optimize their supply chain between China and Australia. Trust Austway to handle your freight forwarding needs, so you can focus on growing your business and reaching new heights in the competitive world of e-commerce.

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