Operating Mindray’s AEDs in the Public Arena Is Easier

AED is a portable medical device that can identify certain arrhythmias and provide electric shock defibrillation and may be used by non-professionals to revive patients experiencing sudden cardiac death. AEDs are portable, simple to use, and may be used by non-professionals without training, unlike AED hospital equipment provided in medical facilities or emergency vehicles.

AEDs Designed For Public First Responders.

As on-site first aid equipment, AEDs have become commonplace in subways, schools, shopping malls, and other busy public locations. However, unlike medical defibrillators, an AED’s built-in technology can assess and decide if the patient requires defibrillation.

The voice prompts, and animated operational instructions of the AED make defibrillation simpler and more convenient, and the rescuer at the scene needs to follow the cues.

Benefits of Public AEDs

The AED has several benefits. First, it is portable due to its tiny size, and its placement in public locations does not consume space or provoke panic. Second, AEDs are less costly than manual medical defibrillators, facilitating their wider use.

A microprocessor-controlled algorithm inside the AED analyzes the patient’s electrocardiogram (ECG) and tells the operator to administer a shock.

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