Explore The USDC Coins And Its Amazing Features With KuCoin

There are many reasons to choose crypto trading over other financial markets, and one of the main properties of cryptos is that they are decentralized means that no organization or government has control over the flow of cryptocurrency. This feature has its own merits and demerits. One of the main disadvantages of cryptos is that they are highly volatile, and the market can go high or low in minutes. This problem has been a hurdle, and major firms do not store their assets in cryptos due to their volatility and try to leave the market as soon as they profit.

Stablecoins have emerged to be the ultimate solution to these problems. These coins are immune to market rise and fall and provide stable ground to store the assets. KuCoin is the best platform if you are willing to invest and trade in cryptos. It provides the best features, including DEFI, and you can know the latest SHIB or XLM price on this platform. In this article, we will focus on USDC and its advantages. So let’s get started.

What Is USDC?

USDC is the type of stable coin that is pegged with the United States dollar, and the main purpose of these coins is to provide stability to the crypto market. The coin is designed on the ERC-20 blockchain, but it has quickly expanded to Solana and grand blockchain due to its high applications and advantages. Digital assets company Circle launched this coin in September 2018. It has high features and offers security to crypto assets.

USDC has increased the trust of notable firms, and they have started to store their assets in digital currency. To maintain the 1:1 ratio of the coin with USD, when the user purchases the coin, the amount of the coin goes directly to the reserve, and in the case of oversupply and overbuying, these reserves are used.

Features Of USDC

USDC has revolutionized the crypto industry and has reduced the major con of digital currency by a significant margin. The coin is always pegged to USD, which means that you can use it for the long term if you want to take any risk. These are the main features of USDC:

Risk-Free Coin

USDC is a highly secured coin, and its parent company, the Circle, constantly updates its security features to free it from all threats. There is less risk associated with saving the investment in USDC than in other coins. Major account firms perform scheduled audits on this coin to ensure its integrity so that it does not deviate from its value.

Universal Digital Currency

It was a huge problem to send and receive money in digital currency because the prices could go high or low during the transaction process and lead to undeniable losses. With the creation of USDC, the firms now send and receive cryptos more flexibly, becoming an internationally accepted crypto payment method.

Should You Invest In USDC?

The investment in cryptocurrencies is a long and never ending debate. One of the most important features of the crypto industry is its availability. The market of crypto never shuts down and the prices can change drastically when you are away. A stable coin provides a safe approach to remain in the market without suffering from market fluctuation. However, the coin has a major drawback. you can not expect the coin prices to go high because it is to the United States Dollar. if you are looking for earn and investment coins then USDC is not a suitable choice but if you want a safe platform in crypto business then this coin would be good for you.


USDC is, without a doubt, a game changer in the crypto industry. It has many advantages and is the primary choice for international payments and transactions. The coin is secured to ensure it does not lose its stability despite market change. USDC is a form of stable currency that is tied to the US dollar, and its main objective is to bring stability to the crypto market. The currency was created on the ERC-20 blockchain, but it has swiftly spread to the Solana and Grand blockchains because to its numerous uses and benefits. USDC has changed the crypto market and significantly decreased the primary disadvantage of digital money. Because the coin is constantly tied to USD, you may use it indefinitely if you do not desire to risk anything.

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